Next-gen Mercedes Sprinter captured in early stages of development

Vans, man. We really like vans. And the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of our favorites. And now, it’s getting a substantial update. But you’d never guess based on the spy shots.

According to our long lenses, the Sprinter featured in our gallery is a very early next-gen mule – aside from the front fascia and dash, everything is the same as the current van. But underneath that camouflage lurks the first signs of Mercedes future cargo hauler. The new headlights look smaller, and the grille draws inspiration from Mercedes’ more mainstream units. We can barely see a single-bar grille, like what’s on the C-Class Coupe. That in itself would be a big departure from the black plastic grille on today’s Sprinter.

While there’s not a lot on this Sprinter’s exterior to set it apart from the current model, it looks like the cabin is due for a more significant change. Mercedes covered the entire dash in camo – at the very least, we expect updated materials, but more likely, Mercedes is tweaking the dash layout.

Our spies claim Mercedes will add new electronic safety nannies, but it’s impossible to tell on these images. Powertrain changes are coming to, likely with an aim towards improving fuel economy.

We’re expecting Mercedes to introduce the new Sprinter late next year. If we’re right, that’s probably too late for September’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but the LA Auto Show in November is a strong candidate. If it doesn’t appear there, it’s a safe bet Mercedes could pass on a Detroit auto show debut in favor of a showing at the truck-heavy Chicago Auto Show.

2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Spy Shots

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