Next-gen Honda CR-V to grow in size

Next-gen Honda CR-V to grow in size

Honda has confirmed that its next-generation CR-V will be larger than the current model.

The CR-V’s bigger size will help differentiate the crossover from its smaller counterpart, the HR-V, which recently arrived on the market in the US and abroad, Honda UK head Leon Brannan told Autocar.

The executive reportedly hinted at seating for seven and a more premium positioning for the larger model, suggesting the company will be attempting to squeeze market share from Volvo and Land Rover.

“Can we compete with Land Rover as a brand? That’s less about CR-V and more about Honda as a brand,” Brannan added. “Now we have the growing vehicle line-up you’ll see more communications about Honda.”

The next-generation CR-V is expected to borrow styling cues from the HR-V, both inside and out. It will likely bring a modernized interior layout that matches the HR-V’s Fit-inspired configuration and floating center console.

The executive also suggests the CR-V could be available exclusively with all-wheel drive in some markets. In the US, the AWD package is available as an optional upgrade for $1,250.

Additional details are expected to be revealed next year, ahead of the new CR-V’s likely arrival for the 2017 model year.

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