Next-Gen Honda Civic Hatch For The US Will Be Imported From The UK

Honda’s Civic concept unveiled today at the New York Auto Show shows the styling direction for the 10th generation Civic, which will also be available in a five-door version in the United States.

The announcement was made by Honda North America, which confirmed the next-generation five door Civic which will be imported from the UK. The confirmation comes after Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) announced it will become a global production hub for the next-generation five door Civic.

“This significant announcement demonstrates the opportunity available to the Swindon operation and reinforces the quality and reliability of the product coming from our UK facility,” said Philip Crossman, managing director of Honda UK.

The new US Honda Civic lineup will therefore include the Civic Sedan, Coupé and Si models, as well as the Civic five-door hatchback. The icing on the cake will be the next-generation Civic Type R, which will be sold in the United States as the performance flagship of the Civic line-up.

The tenth generation Civic will be the first US model to feature the new VTEC Turbo engines from the company’s Earth Dreams Technology powertrain series.

Note: European-spec current-generation Honda Civic pictured

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