New recalls involving airbags and radar systems continue to haunt Honda

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Honda Corp. has issued another massive recall of nearly 5 million more vehicles equipped with defective Takata airbags. This time the problem, discovered by internal testing of the airbags by the automaker, has been traced to possible leaks that could occur while the vehicles are in use, causing a “rupture leading to an airbag explosion.” The previous recalls were issued because of a problem that could cause inflators in the airbags to deflate due to high humidity. Although none of the recalled model 2004-2008 cars are in the US or Canada, 1.72 of them were involved sales in Japan. Similar recalls have also been issued by Nissan and Toyota.

In the meantime the NHTSA has complained that neither Takata nor its automaker clients are “moving fast enough in solving the problem,” despite the fact that agency administrator Mark R. Rosekind, stated that the federal regulators are currently fining Takata as much as $14,000 a day. Although Takata is attempting to cooperate with the NHTSA, they admitted to having trouble keeping up with the demand for new inflators due to the amount of recalls issued by 10 of the world’s top automakers. To date, 19.6 million of the vehicles are Hondas.

Honda has also announced a worldwide recall for 2014-2015 Acuras due to a defect in the radar system created to make the cars safer by automatically breaking before crashes. Dealers will provide a software update to correct the problem.

Readers can find out more information regarding recalls of their own vehicles by visiting You can also contact the NHTSA by call thm at 888 327-4235 or go to www.

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