New “Paper” Commercial is a Striking Journey Through Honda’s History

Honda Paper

A new advertisement from Honda called “Paper” takes the viewer on a sixty-year journey through the history of Honda, using clever and visually beautiful paper-folding to create animation. Honda partnered with Academy Award-nominated director Adam Pesapane (also known as PES), who is well-known for his groundbreaking stop-motion films. The paper-flipping animation was the end result of months of work and preparation from a team of different artists. The scene begins with Soichiro Honda’s idea of installing a radio generator motor into his wife’s bicycle, creating a rudimentary motorcycle. The scene moves through the history of early Honda motorcycles, including Honda’s success at the Isle of Man TT. The timeline shifts, with a modern Honda superbike separating into pieces, with the engine tumbling downward into an outboard motor boat. A curving canyonside road is soon populated by an early Honda Civic, transforming gradually into the beloved Honda CRX, a 1990’s Civic hatch, the recent Honda Civic Type R concept, and finally into the new Honda Pilot. Next, the viewer is treated to the evolution of open-wheeled Honda racecars, visiting the timeline of Honda’s involvement with Formula 1 and IndyCar. The final modern Honda-powered McLaren Formula 1 car shoots off the track, transforming into one of Honda’s rideable lawnmowers. Honda’s ASIMO robot makes a quick cameo, climbing up a set of stairs before a closed-cabin ATV takes to some rugged hills, alongside a set of dirtbikes. Finally, the HondaJet makes an appearance, flying off into a graph paper wormhole. The scene ends with the upcoming Acura NSX supercar driving off into the sunset. Take a look at Honda’s artistic “Paper” commercial in the video below.

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