New Honda Civic Tourer now available with in-car bike rack

Honda Civic Tourer bike rack – 1

Honda Civic Tourer owners with a penchant for cycling can now purchase an interior bike rack that allows up to two full-sized bicycles to be fitted securely into the load-bay of the practical estate car. Honda hopes the storage system will boost safety and security, while also boosting fuel efficiency over conventional bike storage options.

Honda Civic Tourer bike rack – 3

The new accessory actually originated in the Honda Civic ‘Active Life Concept’, which made its debut at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. According to Honda, the positive buzz generated by the concept inspired them to make the vision a reality and bring this unique feature to the mass market.

The in-car bike storage system includes an aluminium rail mounted in the boot, connected to sliding brackets that hold the bike’s front fork. A fixing belt holds down the frame, and the folded rear seat provides support for the rear wheel. This is made possible by the 1,668-litre boot, and the fact the fuel tank is located underneath the front seats. That allows a deeper cut in the boot to accommodate the bicycle’s front wheels.

Honda Civic Tourer bike rack – car side

Storing one bicycle allows for 60% of the Tourer’s 60:40 split rear seats to stay up, whereas two bicycles can be loaded if the entire back row is lowered. Available in selected Honda dealers from October, the in-car bike rack will start at £285 for a single bicycle, with the two-bike option costing £435.

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