New Guinness World Record set by Honda Civic Tourer

New Guinness World Record set by Honda Civic Tourer image

It may not be as good as the new Peugeot 308 or the Volkswagen Golf 7 but it is still capable of breaking world records!

Honda has managed to set a new Guinness World Record with a diesel-powered Civic Tourer. This has been established for fuel efficiency after the vehicle has managed to average a fuel consumption of just 2.82 liters / 100 km (100.31 mpg UK / 83.4 mpg US). The journey took place across all 24 EU contiguous countries on a 25-day trip for 13,498 km (8,387 miles). A full tank of diesel lasted for 1,500 km (932 miles) on average and the entire trip has cost 645 euros in fuel.

“Based on strict and rigorous guidelines, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt required the car to enter each of the 24 countries specified, collecting a range of evidence including a fuel/mileage logbook, GPS readings, video and photographs and independent witness signatures to prove that it has done so. To ensure accurate monitoring of the route, journey time and distance driven, the record car was fitted with a tracking device, provided by fleet telematics and stolen vehicle recovery expert, TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation)”, as it is being written in the press release.

The trip started on the 1st of June and lasted until the 25th with Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren behind the wheel, members of the Honda European Research and Development team. Each of them drove about seven and a half hours daily. This particular Honda Civic Tourer was equipped with a 1.6 liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine, producing 120 HP (88 kW) and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) of torque. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration takes 10.2 seconds.

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