New 2016 Honda Pilot Ads Highlight Family-Friendly SUV

2016 Honda Pilot Front Three Quarter In Motion 04

Minivans might be losing their edge in the family-vehicle market, but three-row SUVs like the 2016 Honda Pilot are very much in vogue. With tons of standard and available equipment, a revised infotainment system, better materials, and a new nine-speed transmission, the Pilot is ready to haul the whole family. Looking to promote the 2016 Honda Pilot doing what it does best, Honda is putting together a new ad campaign that shows the three-row SUV’s versatility and family appeal. The first ad is called “The Incredible Pilot Elite,” which is meant to emphasize the 2016 Honda Pilot’s various technology and convenience features. As the Pilot rolls along on a sort of laboratory treadmill, robots are throwing all sorts of obstacles at it like in the Danger Room at the X-Men mansion. A motorcycle appears behind it and zooms into its blindspot, the Pilot gets run through a wintry trail, and a video-game-toting child is presented with the challenge of accessing the third row without returning his neck to its upright and locked position. And it ends, of course, with a rainbow.

The second ad is less about functionality, and more about family bonding. “Even Better,” shows a family of seven, including mom, dad, brother, sisters, and grandpa, putting distractions aside for the sake of a Weezer sing-a-long. The delightful fam flexes their pipes to the tune of “Buddy Holly” in a wholesome rendition that we’re sure rocker Rivers Cuomo could not have possibly foreseen. Hopefully those parents don’t put their poor kids through the punishment of the Red Album.

The 2016 Honda Pilot starts at $30,875 for the LX model, all the way up to $47,300 for the Pilot Elite. The 2016 Honda Pilot comes with a 3.5-liter, 280-hp V-6 engine, either a six- or nine-speed automatic transmission, your choice of front- or all-wheel drive, and either seven or eight passengers. It’s on sale now at Honda dealers.

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