New 2016 Honda Civic Walkaround Video Covers All The Angles

The all-new Civic is quite a design departure compared to the old model, but it’s still clearly a Honda and a more daring one too. It is much more striking to look at and it even has an unusual fastback-esque look to the C-pillar area.

The exterior was pretty familiar from the photos, but this walkaround video certainly helps fill in all the missing angles –it’s also in the video where you see that aforementioned rakish rear profile much more so than in the pics.

Inside, it looks evolutionary and not as dramatic as the exterior, but it is pleasant and it exudes more modernity than before – it’s not great in that department, I think, as it still looks designed by somebody from the 1990s who didn’t know where to put the touchscreen.

Oh, and it also has a boost gauge which you can select in the customizable gauge cluster; we don’t see it in this video as the compass was deemed much more relevant for all of us to see…

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