Magazine Previews Honda HR-V for Europe, Highlights Main Traits

The Honda HR-V is probably Europe’s single-most eagerly anticipated upcoming small crossover. It’s probably the most sought after type of vehicle these days, and with a Honda badge and all the promises it brings, we can understand the hype.

Reviews we’ve seen so far point to a very easy to drive vehicle, but one that’s a bit numb around the corners (the Mazda CX-3 is much better in that area) and one that pushes for plenty of practicality.

It’s also got a great Android-powered infotainment system, which is great unless you’re an iProduct user, and it looks and feels like any (cheapo) tablet on the market today.

WhatCar magazine uses the nearly four-minute runtime of the video posted below to highlight the HR-V’s top five traits in order to help prospective buyers make up their mind. A hard task, because there are so many great alternatives to choose from, like the aforementioned Mazda.

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