Journalist Crashes 2017 Acura / Honda NSX In Taiwan, Blames A Bee [w/Video]

What may very well be the first recorded crash involving the new 2017 Acura NSX (marketed as a Honda outside North America) occurred in Taiwan today, when a man, who is believed to be a journalist conducting a test drive for a local car magazine, hit a road barrier on a highway near New Taipei City.

The story gets a little bit strange, as reports coming in from Taiwan state that the 27 year old driver who was identified only by his surname, “Hu”, told police he was driving with his window open when a bee suddenly entered the NSX and stung him on the neck causing him to lose control of the hybrid sports car and smash it on the barrier.

No one was injured in the crash. According to Chinatimes, police conducted a sobriety test on the driver, but he came out clean. There’s an ongoing investigation into the accident.

The new Honda NSX is worth around 12.8 million NT$, or about US$408,000, in Taiwan, with only nine cars said to be allocated for the country.

Thanks to Ray Yi-Jui Chen for the tip!

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