Jay Leno Checks out 1964 Honda S600 with Modern CBR1000RR Power

Jay Lenos Garage S600

On the newest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, a very special and very fast 1964 Honda S600 stops by for Jay to check out. The interesting creation is property of Matt Brown, who Leno first met at The Rock Store in California, a biker hangout at the base of The Snake, a particularly twisty and curvaceous section of the Mulholland Highway. Brown found this S600 in rather poor condition from a forum seller, but saw great potential in the tiny Japanese roadster. While the S600 originally came with a 600cc four cylinder, which was good for 57 hp at a screaming 8500 rpm, Matt’s S600 motor was nowhere to be found when he originally purchased the car, so he slotted in a 1.0-liter four-cylinder from a 2007 Honda CBR1000RR sport bike. The new CBR drivetrain sends all 160 hp to the rear wheels through the standard CBR transmission, routed through a BMW-sourced two-piece drive shaft, BMW differential, and Miata half-shafts in the rear. The front and rear suspension was sourced from Yamaha R1 and R6, with the internal gauge cluster ripped from a Honda CBR as well. For good measure, a large nitrous tank was installed in the rear, giving the tiny CBR engine a mouthful of nitrous oxide on demand. In fact, according to Matt, the only things that remain stock on the roadster are the body, windscreen, and tail lights. Was this pocket rocket an expensive endeavor? Not necessarily, according to Matt, he is less than $5,000 in the hole, after fabricating nearly everything himself and sourcing the $1,000 engine from a wrecked bike on eBay. Jay takes the Honda for a drive, being an owner of a period correct Honda S600 himself. To the surprise of no one, the hot rod S600 was extremely fast, loud, and fun. What did take Jay by surprise, however, was how docile and calm the engine became at stoplights and slow speeds. Take a look at the hot-rodded Honda S600 in the video below.

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