Japanese Tuner Turns Honda Super Cub into Vintage Racer


We love covering the strange and unique—old or new. It’s moved the threshold for us when it comes to being struck by the strangeness of some vehicles. But this motorcycle right here even had us doing a collective double-take.

The Honda Super Cub is one of the most common motorcycles in the world. With 85 million sold, you’ve probably seen your fair share in your lifetime, even if you didn’t know it. But few, if any, have ever looked like this.


It is the creation of Matthew Roberts, who is the new Director of Motorcycle Operations at Deus Japan, which might consider themselves artists as much as they are motorcycle builders. This is their insane creation, called the Firefly.

It starts with a 1961 Super Cub, but then adding elements inspired by vintage Grand Prix and TT bikes, such as the long straight gas tank that replaces the step-through design. The seat is titled somewhat forward for a rider that is expected to lean-in.


There are hand-built parts throughout this model. One would think with such craftsmanship, such a rare vehicle would sit in a garage, protected from the elements. But in fact there is a growing race scene for vintage Super Cubs in Japan. This model was designed to compete in the pre-1964 series. We’re pleased to see that such and incredible machine will be enjoyed on a track, and for spectators to watch on in amazement.

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