Immaculate Honda N600 Kei Car Is Looking For A New Home

There’s something inherently cool about small Hondas of the past and this fully restored 1971 N600 Sedan is a really rare chance to own one of the most sorted cars of its kind.

The seller says that the car went through a thorough rebuild, from the drivetrain to the cabin and from the exterior to the floor, claiming full functionality with the pictures backing up his claims.

The car has done 1100 miles since its overhaul and the only problem is reportedly with the doors as they don’t set fully flush since the new seals are slightly fatter but that’s a minor issue really.

The two-cylinder air-cooled 600cc engine produces a modest 36hp so drag-racing is out of the question but is more than enough to thoroughly enjoy this tiny car. Find the ebay listing over here and if you feel inspired enough, start bidding.

Vintage K-cars in this condition don’t come out that often.

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