If This Isn’t The Trippiest Honda Ad You’ve Ever Seen, We Don’t Know What Is

Honda seems to have forgotten that social media has been seized by Pokemons these past few weeks, with cars being put on the sidelines.

However, that didn’t stop the Japanese automaker from coming up with one of the weirdest commercials seen recently, one that might not be on the same level as Kia‘s hamsters, but it’s definitely breathing in its neck.

If you somehow think that it comes without any background, then you might be surprised to learn that this is actually the brand’s way of celebrating the International Cat Day. This was first marked on August 8, 2002, by International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), among other animal groups, as a recognition to the estimated 500 million cats purring in all parts of the globe, and it’s being celebrated each year, on the same date, ever since.

Catnip, anyone? Well, according to those who came up with this celebration yes, and you might want to roll out the red carpet for your furry feline pets too. Good thing we don’t celebrate the Yulin Festival here in the West. By the way, please do not Google that! (really, don’t!)


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