Hybrid scooters from Honda?

There is no doubt that sustainable mobility is the way forward for automobiles. The sooner we embrace it, the better it will be for the overall health of the planet and its inhabitants as well. From the looks of it, Honda Two Wheelers seem to have a plan in place for the same. The Japanese manufacturer has recently released a blueprint of sorts, for scooters with hybrid engines. It might be an outline from the draftsmen at Honda. A hybrid motor in a scooter will engage the electric motor when out for your daily run to the grocery shop or a quick trip round a block. The petrol motor will come into play when more power is needed in case of commuting to and fro from work or some other such instances.

Honda Hybrid Scooter Plans

The details with reference to the plans released by Honda are sketchy at best. They do show details in bits and pieces such as the schematics between the electric and the petrol motor, placements of the mechanical components and the positioning of the hybrid engine. The outline of the scooter in the plans looks suspiciously like the SH series of bikes, which is currently sold in many South-East Asian markets. If and when Honda does make a prototype of its hybrid scooter, we are guessing that this will be the one providing the bodywork wrapping the engine around. Also, the patent also reveals that the hybrid engine will have start/stop tech and in case more power is required, both the motors will come together to generate maximum power.

A few years back, the concept of a hybrid scooter would have sounded very fancy but at present, Honda Two Wheelers is on the path of becoming a pioneer. Also, the Japanese manufacturer has patented its designs so as to dissuade other competitors from stealing their plans and working on building a rival model.

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