Honda’s Updated Clarity Pops Up In Colorado

Just before North American deliveries of the Honda Clarity kick off, one reader snapped a factory car on the streets of Colorado.

The exact reason why the silver example was spotted driving around isn’t known, but beyond the lack of badges and a front license plate, the car pictured is believed to be identical to the ones that will soon hit Honda’s dealership floors.

The model’s hyrogen fuel cell has an output of just over 100 kW and is paired with an electric motor with 174 hp on tap. Unlike other hydrogen cars, particularly the Toyota Mirai, the Clarity is the first to accommodate the fuel cell, electric motor and the rest of the drivetrain into the engine bay.

A few days ago, the EPA confirmed that the Clairty has a 366-mile (589 km) driving range, returning the petrol equivalent of 68 mpg (3.46 l/100 km). This puts it ahead of the 312 mile (502 km) range of the Mirai FCV but below the 435 mile (700 km) range offered by the Japanese-spec Honda Clarity.

US pricing for the model hasn’t been announced, but we guess it should be similar to the Mirai, which starts from $57,500.

Thanks to Brett Borgord for the images!

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