Honda’s Thai-Built Models Earn Environmental Honors

Honda Thailand wins “Green Label” certification for all 12 of its models manufactured in the Southeast Asian country.

The certification from the Industry Ministry’s Industrial Standards Institute and the non-government Thailand Environment Institute for the plant in the Rojana Industrial Park indicates all Honda vehicles have passed environmental regulations that cover production processes, uses and disposal as well as efficiency of resources management.

Honda is the only automaker thus far to win the Green Label.

Industrial Standards Institute Secretary-General Hatai Uthai says the label shows Honda is among private organizations aware of environmental issues and dedicated to developing environmentally friendly products with sustainability in every process.

Honda Thailand Chief Operating Pitak Pruittisarikorn says the company began working toward the certification in 2010, starting with a plan to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions 30% under the global environmental slogan Blue Skies for Our Children.

“All Honda associates in our factory always take environmental conservation as a prioritized area of our operation,” Pitak says. “All work processes have been scrutinized, and the data and information collected has been analyzed to discover new approaches, technologies and equipment that will minimize environmental impact with an aim to make Honda’s plant a genuinely green factory.”

Pitak says the green-factory policy consists of five principles – CO2 reduction, volatile organic compound reduction, water saving, waste reduction and coexistence with local communities.

The factory 50 miles (80 km) north of Bangkok now has an emission level of 410 kg of CO2 per car produced and Honda aims to reduce this to 392 kg-CO2/car by 2017 and to 327 kg-CO2/car by 2010.

Honda says its second factory in Prachin Buri, 112 miles (180 km) east of Bangkok, has been designed with the concept of “producing the world’s cleanest products at the world’s cleanest plant.” It will be the next green factory when it opens, the automaker says.

The plant is more than 80% built and is scheduled to start running with selective production lines for vehicle parts and engines in October. It will become fully operational in March.

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