Honda’s Takata repair rate remains below 40 percent

Honda‘s Takata repair rate remains below 40 percent

Honda and Acura service technicians are replacing an average of 24,000 Takata airbag inflators each day in the US, however the company’s fix rate still remains below 40 percent.

Over 3.5 million defective inflators have been replaced so far, representing 38.6 percent of recalled cars across the country. The numbers are slightly better in areas of high absolute humidity, where the inflators are believed to be at the most risk of rupturing.

Honda analyzed more than a dozen other large-scale recalls and found that recall fix rates typically decline after each year of ownership, eventually reaching around 33 percent in the ninth or 10th years.

“So, considering the scale of this recall and the age of the vehicles involved, we are making good progress,” the company said. “But with millions of vehicles still in need of repair, we must do more.”

To step up outreach and convince more customers to bring their vehicles in for repair, the automaker promises to initiate a new round of media advertising, initially in test markets, to evaluate the effectiveness of such programs on raising awareness. Targeted social-media posts will also be used, allowing owners’ friends and family to help apply pressure.

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