Honda’s popular S660 roadster fails to attract younger buyers

Honda S660

The good news is that Honda Motor Co. has sold out everyone of its 8,600 of its new S660 roadsters to be produced later this year, with orders backed up all the way until next June. The relatively “bad” news is that the car has failed to attract younger buyers, with 4 out of ever 5 people shelling out the $16,000 for the sports car said to be over the age of 40.

Although this shows that their customer base is a loyal one, with “ many of these older customers buying the coupe as a second car,” it also demonstrates just how hard it is for the automaker to attract younger consumers in its home base, noted company spokeswoman Misato Fukushima, who also went on to state that Honda (as well as other car manufacturers) continue to be hurt by Japan’s “stagnating annual incomes and an efficient public transportation system that makes it generally unnecessary for many people to even own a car there. In fact, she continued, the number of people who even have drivers’ licenses there have dropped to only 46% in the last decade. “

Note: The S660, which was first introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show as a concept car in 2013, is a very lightweight, mid-engined, 2-seater sports car powered by a 660 cc motor with 6-speed manual transmission, approximately hp and 77 lb ft. torque to meet Japan’s kei car legislation. The car, which shares a platform with the Honda N-One is nearly identical to the 1990s Honda Beat, using the same three cylinder engine with “mechanical improvements.”

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