Honda’s Ohio factory to get $210M paint-shop upgrade

Honda‘s Ohio factory to get $210M paint-shop upgrade

Honda has detailed plans to invest $210 for a modernized paint line at its Marysville, Ohio, production plant.

The company suggests auto body painting can account for more than 60 percent of a factory’s total energy use, however the planned upgrades will give the Ohio facility the most energy-efficient paint line in Honda’s US production network.

The new paint shop will switch to a four-coat, two-bake short process, using a new 2K waterborne primer to eliminate the need for a third oven-curing cycle that is currently used for the primer coat.

The new primer and a waterborne base coat are claimed to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions by nearly 66 percent compared to existing operations, while a limestone-dust overspray collection system will slash water use by two million gallons annually. Paint sludge will consequently be eliminated as a waste product, which previously totaled 255 tons each year.

Honda believes its new paint shop will be the highest-volume application of dry-booth technology in North America. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 18 percent, or 12,000 metric tons annually.

“The new paint shop will also advance vehicle appearance by using a new two-step temperature curing process with more automation, which supports paint finish appearance improvements,” the company said in a statement.

Construction will begin this December and continue for approximately one year. The new 300,000-square-foot line will be able to paint nearly 230,000 vehicles each year.

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