Honda’s New Civic Type R Makes XCAR Question Its Road Credentials

Honda’s new Civic Type R keeps building its momentum as media from around Europe are getting a first taste on road and track.

XCAR’s latest video brings us more Type R goodness, with Alex Goy giving us his take on the 167mph Civic we also reviewed on the same roads (and track). The now turbocharged Honda declares war to the best of its class, like the AWD VW Golf R, the FWD Seat Leon Cupra, the FWD Renault Megane Trophy and of course the upcoming 4WD Ford Focus RS.

As for credentials, the new Civic Type R proved so far to be the fastest FWD car around the Ring, albeit in pre-production form, showcasing the impressive work that has been done on its chassis and aero bits.

Head to the video below the break to find out what XCAR has to say about it.


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