Honda’s New CEO Can’t Wait For His New Civic Type R To Be Delivered

Takahiro Hachigo, Honda Motor Company’s new CEO, has returned to Japan in March after years overseas but hasn’t got himself a new car yet. There’s a good reason for that, though. The executive has placed an order for the all-new Civic Type R and is anxiously awaiting the day of its delivery.

“There is a model I want, which will, as I have told you, be launched this autumn. I will wait,” Hachigo was quoted as saying by Automotive News during his first media roundtable this month. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a car now. But I want to buy the Civic Type R,” the executive added.

The Honda Civic Type R is built at Honda’s Swindon plant in the UK, from where it will be exported to markets worldwide, including Japan. Hachigo is a self-confessed gearhead, which explains why he wants the Civic Type R.

The other Honda vehicle he’s very excited about is the recently-released Japan-market S660 roadster. That says a lot about Hachigo’s intentions as a CEO as well, as he aims to revive Honda’s reputation as a carmaker that builds innovative, stylish and fun to drive cars. “I joined Honda because I loved cars and driving,” Hachigo explains.

The 56-year-old discovered his passion for driving in his youth behind the wheeld of the family’s Toyota Celica. But when he bought his first car after joining Honda, he picked a three-door Wonder Civic. As a family man, he later chose the Accord and then the Odyssey minivan.

However, the family’s only car today is his wife’s Honda N-One boxy kei car. But Hachigo has a Honda VTR 250 motorbike he uses when he misses driving. With such a driving enthusiast CEO, we’re looking forward to Honda’s upcoming products.

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