Honda’s N600 ‘Serial One’ Is All Shiny And Restored

The process of finding and fixing the first Honda N600 imported to America has been documented, but now comes the crucial moment: it starts.

Honda honored its history in the United States when it recovered the first car it imported to the country in 1969, kickstarting its transition from a motorcycle company to one of the world’s major automotive manufacturers. The success of the N600 later brought on the startling popularity of the Civic and the Accord in the 1970s, laying the groundwork for Honda as we know it today.

But the six-month restoration process was the work of Los Angeles-based Tim Mings and his team, who were documented in the 12-part web series from Honda at In this final chapter, the car is being given its finishing touches (including doors, so a couple of major things) before it was revealed at September’s Japanese Classic Car Show amidst a hoard of Honda fans.

Check out the clip below and see for the rest of the series.

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