Honda’s Baby NSX Revealed in Patent Filing


Honda’s been wandering in the desert for what seems like an eternity. But the company is finally getting its performance groove back with products like the NSX and S660 sports car. But intriguingly there could be even more under development.

Honda’s Baby NSX Revealed in Patent Filing

Several CAD illustrations have surfaced in patent filings that seem to indicate the company is hard at work on another mid-engined concept. To our knowledge the car pictured here has not been revealed at any auto show.

This product appears to be a smaller version of the supercar-slaying NSX with a few S660 styling cues thrown in for good measure. The mystery sports car was supposedly created in Honda’s American design studio.

The product in question could be something that fills the gulf between the 63-hp S660 and the monstrous NSX, which has a twin-turbo V6, three electric motors and 550 horses. Perhaps this car is a spiritual successor to the S2000 with much wilder bodywork.

Hinting at the performance that might lurk within, this mystery machine features all kinds of aerodynamic elements, from vents at the back to minimalistic side-view mirrors to a super-sleek profile. If and when details about this car surface you can bet we’ll keep you posted on all the latest.

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