Honda’s “Baby NSX” Could Be Upcoming S2000


The patents were out, the rumors were swirling, and the idea of a reborn Honda S2000 seemed like more of a reality a few months ago than it ever was. But with the rumors and the patent sketches came the doubt; after all, it did just look like a shrunken version of the new NSX.

But to shed a little more light on the possible S2000 situation, Australian publication Motoring—of which we remain skeptical—has dropped some heavy details on the upcoming sportscar. And it all sounds very exciting (if it has any grain of truth to it).

First of which being that this new “Baby NSX” will actually be badged as a Honda. Naturally, that would make sense. Honda wouldn’t want a baby NSX eating away sales from the standard NSX, even with a price gap.

honda-s2000-concept (1)

The second, and likely most interesting of the two, is that Honda would build and develop this vehicle at their new Mid-Ohio facility—the same place where the new NSX is being built. According to engineers, the Yokkaichi plant in Japan where the new S660 is being built just doesn’t have the capacity to build such a vehicle.

We’ll take all these rumors with a grain of salt. Though, from what we’ve seen and what we know, it’s safe to say that Honda does indeed have something up its sleeve in the near future.

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