HondaJet Sets Two Speed Records, Millionaries Rejoice

The $4.5 million HondaJet has managed to set two speed records across two different flight paths in the United States, cementing its position as the fastest jet in its class.

The first record saw the HondaJet fly from Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a 960 nautical mile flight. Despite the distance, the jet completed the journey in just two hours and 51 minutes, traveling at a cruising altitude of 43,000 feet. During the flight, its average true air speed sat at 396 knots (456 mph/733 km/h).

As for the second flight, the HondaJet flew from Boston, Massachusetts to Palm Beach, Florida in two hours and 58 minutes at an average air speed of 385 knots (443 mph/712 km/h).

Both records have been approved by the U.S. National Aeronautic Association and is exciting news for those who can afford a private jet. Honda Aircraft president and chief executive Michimasa Fujino commented: “We chose several of the busiest business aviation airports with extremely popular routes to demonstrate that the HondaJet will get customers where they need to be faster than any other light jet.

“These missions prove just how dramatically HondaJet design innovations like the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount increase performance and fuel efficiency over other light jets,” he added.

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