Honda WR-V – New Sub-Compact SUV For South America

The SUV craze is slowly working its way into all market segments already occupied by traditional passenger cars, and Honda is the latest to expand its portfolio.

Previewed in a single sketch is the new Honda WR-V, which will sit below the HR-V as a sub-compact model for markets in South America.

Honda says customer research in the WR-V’s target markets suggests the sub-compact model will be a sales success, with customers seeking a “tough and urban” SUV design.

Respondents were also said to enjoy active lifestyles, while preferring smaller SUV models. The WR-V name stands for “Winsome Runabout Vehicle”.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

The sketch suggest the production version will share at least some of its outward appearance with the larger HR-V, along with Honda’s other small cars – such as the City.

Styling appears to be skewed toward a younger audience, with a more aggressive design than that of the HR-V. While the two will not compete, a similar approach was taken by Audi with the design of its youth-oriented compact Q2 SUV.

The all-new model is set to make its global debut at the Sao Paulo Motor Show next month.

Australian customers who like the look and the idea of a Honda WR-V will have to get busy writing to the Japanese carmaker, as the model is destined only for South America at this stage.

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