Honda working on baby NSX?

Honda working on baby NSX?

Honda is reportedly developing a second mid-engined sports car that will slot below the upcoming Acura NSX.

Referred to as the “baby NSX,” it will compete with the Porsche Cayman and Alfa Romeo 4C. According to Auto Express, the hybrid sports car will produce around 400hp and Honda is “close to green-lighting” it. The unnamed source also revealed that the engine will be the an tuned version of turbocharged VTEC four that will power the upcoming Civic Type R but tuned to generate approximately 330hp. The remaining 70hp would come from a version of the hybrid all-wheel-drive system found in its big brother. Power would be put down through a 9-speed dual clutch transmission.

The report also claims that the body will resemble that of a scaled down NSX. That would appear to confirm the recently discovered patent drawings that appear to show a smaller mid-engined sports car. The body would employ an aluminum frame and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) to keep weight below 3,085 lbs.

Furthermore, the baby NSX is said to share production along with its big brother in Ohio. However, it would be sold as Honda in North America and not as an Acura. The price tag is estimated at GBP60,000, which translates to $95,286 at current exchange rates, but typically the actual cost in US dollars is significantly less. The estimated launch date is sometime in 2018.

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