Honda Will Show An Electric Car With AI At CES

Honda announced that ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ will be their official theme during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The automaker’s 2017 CES exhibit will also include the NeuV (pictured here), an automated EV commuter vehicle concept, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that’s said to create new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers.

Honda’s future technology path will include things such as reducing traffic congestion and creating new modes of in-car connectivity. Also to be announced are initiatives with startup companies and global brands that will create a more productive and enjoyable mobility experience.

Their press conference at CES will take place January 5th and will feature a keynote address from Yoshiuki Matsumoto, President & CEO of Honda R&D, who will also unveil a concept motorcycle that’s meant to demonstrate an application of the company’s robotics technology.

Those of you most interested in the NeuV concept should know that its artificial intelligence system is called “emotion engine”, which is basically a set of AI technologies that enable machines to artificially generate their own emotions.

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