Honda Unveils 3D Printed Micro Car

A ‘thought bubble’ for those of you spending today wrestling with recalcitrant ink cartridges for your printer – Honda has unveiled a micro commuter vehicle created using 3D printing technology.

Based on Honda’s MC-ß ultra-compact EV, the short-range delivery vehicle will be used by Japanese confectionary maker Toshimaya Corp (famous for its ‘Hato Sable’ dove-shaped shortbread cookies we’re told).

It sits on Honda’s lightweight ‘pipe frame’ chassis and 3D printing techniques were used to create the exterior panels and load area.

Unlike other Honda EVs, the 3D printed vehicle has only one seat for the driver and the rest of the interior space is used to transport that valuable sweet stuff.

The ground-breaking Honda was unveiled at Japan’s CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) and has a top speed of 70km/h.

Battery re-charging with a AC200V power source takes three hours or just under seven hours using AC100V.

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