Honda Tries To Sum Itself Up In One Video Called “Ignition”

Every manufacturer wants you to see the brand in a specific way, and they each play on their specific strengths in their marketing efforts. For Honda, they it’s usually a case of “hey, look how many kinds of engines we make,” or “we had the Ayrton Senna develop a car with us.”

It’s really all rather effective, and has been for many years. Maybe that’s the reason there aren’t that many Honda haters compared to other mainstream (even other Japanese) competitors…

Honda makes the highest number of engines every year, they make walking, friendly-looking robots, they make jet planes and also make the Civic Type-R and the new NSX.

Other manufacturers should take note of how Honda promotes itself, because it does it extremely well. All that tech-sporty image it’s pushing also melds nicely with the peculiarities of Japanese culture, as reflected in the promo posted below; it doesn’t make much sense, but it sure is fun and exciting to watch.

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