Honda to show US-spec Clarity FCV in New York

Honda to show US-spec Clarity FCV in New York

Honda is preparing to provide the first look at the US-spec Clarity Fuel Cell sedan at the New York International Auto Show.

The company initially unveiled the new Clarity in October at the Tokyo Motor Show, ahead of initial availability in Japan. Europe is next on the list, followed by a US launch by the end of the year.

The US-bound version will presumably be a close match to the car that debuted in Tokyo. The biggest difference will likely be on paper, with an EPA driving range expected to “exceed 300 miles.” The same tank of hydrogen achieved a range of approximately 435 miles in the Japanese test cycle.

Drivers will be able to refill the hydrogen tank in approximately three minutes, slightly faster than the Toyota Mirai‘s quoted pump time.

Like all fuel-cell vehicles, the Clarity faces a particularly challenging environment in the US market as hydrogen refueling infrastructure remains scant. The California Fuel Cell Partnership lists just 14 stations active in the entire state, 10 of which are still in the “soft opening” stage with potential service interruptions. Some have reportedly been unable to fill for weeks at a time. Others sometimes offer only a lower-pressure fill that essentially leaves the tank half empty.

The Clarity FCV will initially be limited to California, available only via a $500/month lease program. Honda is expected to eventually sell the car outright, with a price tag around $60,000.

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