Honda To Present New S2000 Roadster At Its 70th Birthday?

Honda will reportedly celebrate its 70th anniversary with the launch of an all-new, second generation S2000 roadster.

It’s a way of celebration we’ve certainly seen before as Honda first showed the original S2000 back in 1998 for its 50th anniversary.

This time though, Honda plans to launch both a new car and a new motorcycle, according to a source who spoke to Car and Driver. “Based on the company’s MotoGP contender, the bike will be a detuned, roadgoing version of the RC213V-S,” the source said. “As for the car, expect something special. Size-wise, it’ll be similar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but the Honda will have a lot more power.”

And while Honda might not have a platform available for a RWD model of this kind in its portfolio, the insider reminds us of what the company did with the S660 mini roadster and the NSX sports car. “Both those coupes have unique, dedicated platforms, right?” he says.

Honda might have already given us a clue that points to their new sports car with this year’s Acura Precision Concept unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. The concept was allegedly based on a rear-drive platform using a hybrid powertrain which included a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine mounted up front.

The new S2000 is expected to weigh less than 2,900lbs (1315kg) with power coming from a slightly detuned version of the Civic Type R 2.0-litre turbo engine. Honda has decided to build it next to the NSX at their plant in Ohio with the source saying that a large number of R&D staff from Japan is already in Ohio working on the car.

Could this be real? Is the iconic S2000 set to return?

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