Honda to launch more extreme Civic Type R if somebody will grab their ‘Ring FWD title

Honda has announced they are willing to fight back if someone will steal their Nürburgring lap record for a front-wheel drive car.

Introduced in early March at the Geneva Motor Show, the much-awaited Honda Civic Type R is now the FWD king on the ‘Ring with a 7:50.63 lap time. Speaking to Top Gear, the hot hatchback’s engineer Hisayuki Yagi said the record-breaking attempt took place almost a year ago with a prototype that had the production-spec engine, suspension and tires. He went on to specify that it lacked an air conditioning system but the car wasn’t lighter as a result of this because the engineers fitted a roll cage fixed to the car with rubber blocks.

When asked whether Honda is willing to respond in case someone will grab their ‘Ring record, Yagi said that if the car in question will be a limited-run model they will have to think about coming out with a quicker Civic Type R. If the newcomer will be a regular production car, Honda will definitely launch a more extreme version of its hatchback which will come with more power in a lighter body.

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