Honda To Launch Clarity Fuel Cell By The End Of This Year

Today is the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day if you live in the US, and Honda took the opportunity to announce the launch of their Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle.

Honda’s hydrogen-powered model will be launched initially in California ‘before the end of 2016’, offering a fuel stack that’s 33 percent more compact than its predecessor and at the same time with a 60 percent increase in power density.

Both the new fuel cell and the integrated powertrain now fit entirely under the hood of the new Honda Clarity, thus allowing for a more spacious cabin that fits five passengers. The company says also that the driving range is estimated to exceed the 300-mile (483km) mark, with refuelling taking approximately three to five minutes on a 70 kPa refuelling station.

Honda didn’t reveal any power outputs for the North-American version but we don’t expect any differences from the Japanese model which has a fuel cell stack capacity of 100kW and a 174hp electric motor.

Last year Honda said that the new Clarity will be available in select dealers in LA and Orange County, with San Francisco and Sacramento to follow on a later date. Pricing will be announced on a closer-to-launch date.

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