Honda to have mass-produced fuel cell vehicles by 2020

Honda has announced plans to roll out mass-produced fuel cell vehicles by the end of the decade.

Speaking to British magazine Autocar, Honda’s head of powertrain development Thomas Brachmann said the FCV concept unveiled earlier this year is very close to production, but they will have to modify some of the body parts. He didn’t reveal an exact figure regarding the production output but specified Honda doesn’t want to sell just 250 – 1,000 units annually.

The FCV concept will hit the assembly line next year for Japanese market and promises to provide a range of more than 300 miles (482 km). It will take about three minutes to fully recharge at a pressure of 70 MPa and will come with a fuel cell stack 33% smaller and with a 60% higher capacity compared to the one fitted onto the FCX Clarity.

Brachmann says it will take 10 – 15 years until the technology will be widely accepted, but their plan is to start selling the FCV next year in Japan and then begin commercialization in Europe and United States.

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