Honda, the Biggest Gainer in Terms of Two-Wheeler Market Share

Honda is gaining more and more ground in the two-wheeler market in India. The Japanese manufacturer is the top gainer when it comes to outright sales. Honda sold 1, 50,651 motorcycle units in April 2016. That is a growth of approximately 26 per cent over the sales of April 2015, which was 1, 30,204 motorcycle units.

Coming to scooters, Honda sold 1, 97,776 units in April 2015. Exactly a year later, it sold 2, 63,320 scooters. The exports too went up from 11,699 units in April 2015 to 17,040 units in April 2016. The total sales for Honda, which includes the sales of scooters and motorcycles sold in the country plus the units exported, stood at a massive 4, 31,011 units. This suggests a growth of 27 per cent. Also, Honda’s share in the combined two-wheeler market is now 27 per cent, an increase of 1 per cent from last FY.

The sales for the Activa, Honda’s evergreen scooter rose sharply, by a solid 35 per cent and crossed the mark of 2.35 lakh units sold since April 2015. With the launch of the Navi, Honda believes that the sales numbers will continue to see an upward trend throughout the year. Already, the sales numbers for the Navi has crossed the 5,000 mark since its launch. Since the New Year, Honda has already launched 5 new models which include the new Dream Neo and the Navi. The Activa was already breathing down the neck of Hero Splendor and was barely a handful of units behind in the list of top 10 selling two-wheelers in India for FY2015-16. The CB Shine also features in that list as well. Honda has its finger on the pulse of the Indian two-wheeler market and knows what is best for the customers and the company itself.

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