Honda temporarily halts production on its Marysville plant over bomb threat

Honda temporarily halts production on its Marysville plant over bomb threat image

Honda has been forced to briefly send all its workers home from its Marysville plant in Ohio after someone wrote a bomb threat note.

On Tuesday morning, one of Honda’s employee from the Marysville plant in Ohio found a written bomb threat on a bathroom wall in the facility, prompting the automaker to call the police and cancel the first shift by sending everyone home. After bomb-sniffing dogs from nine law-enforcement agencies thoroughly searched the entire site, the authorities determined that the threat was a false one and the factory was safe for staff to comeback for the second shift. The following day, the police arrested a contract worker and charged him with inducing panic, for the man to eventually admit his deed. Honda said that it estimated the losses over temporarily shutting down the production to around 500,000 dollars, a bill that ultimately may be sent to the person responsible for the chaos.

Marysville is where Honda first started to build cars in the United States, as in November 1982 the very first Accord rolled off the line there. The 4 million square feet site represents the largest of all four automaker’s Ohio operations, making the Accord sedan and coupe versions along with the Acura TLX and ILX for customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Marysville also includes the Performance Manufacturing Center, where Acura will begin the serial production of the next-generation NSX supercar at the end of April.

Via The Columbus Dispatch

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