Honda teases NeuV concept with ’emotion engine’ for CES 2017

Honda NeuV concept

Honda has released a teaser image of a new concept car called NeuV, set to star at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

We’ve only got one side on picture, but it’s clear the NeuV is a radical concept far from previewing any upcoming production models. With a short wheelbase and tall roof, we’re looking at Honda’s futuristic vision of a so-called “commuter car”.

It features a large translucent canopy, and the doors – marked out by the angular shards of silver metal – run from wheel to wheel, opening the pod right up. Finishing the look off, the massively flared wheel arches are filled to the brim with large, angular black and silver wheels.

Unsurprisingly, Honda has confirmed that the concept is an electric vehicle, and even though a steering wheel and dashboard can be spotted through the canopy the NeuV will also showcase autonomous abilities.

However, the technological centrepiece of the concept will be on-board artificial intelligence software called the emotion engine. The software enables machines to artificially generate their own emotions, and Honda says it’ll add new depth to how drivers and passengers interact with cars. 

Whether this means the NeuV will be able to detect human emotions and respond to them with its own will be found out when the car is revealed in full. 

It’ll be part of what Honda calls the “Cooperative Mobility System” – the manufacturer’s running theme during CES. Alongside the NeuV, futuristic technologies developed with mobility in mind will be showcased, including how to use technology to reduce traffic congestion and new modes and methods of in-car connectivity. All will be revealed on 5 January.

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