Honda teases Geneva-bound Civic hatchback concept

Honda teases Geneva-bound Civic hatchback concept

Honda will travel to the Geneva Auto Show to introduce a thinly-veiled concept built to preview the next generation of the Civic five-door hatchback.

The current five-door Civic was unabashedly designed with the European market in mind. However, that’s set to change soon because the next-gen model will be exported from Swindon, England, to the United States for the first time ever. Whether there’s a market for it here remains to be seen, but every example sold abroad brings Honda one step closer to turning around its struggling European division.

The teaser image suggests the five-door hatchback borrows styling cues such as C-shaped tail lamps and a discreet spoiler from the Civic Coupe that was shown in Los Angeles last November. It also indicates the hatchback features a steeply-raked D-pillar, which means it won’t look as boxy as the Volkswagen Golf and the Chevrolet Cruze Hatch. Its front end is expected to be all but identical to the four-door sedan’s, but we won’t know for sure until the Geneva show opens its doors next month.

Honda will reveal its next concept in the coming weeks, and we’ll bring you live images of it straight from the show floor in Switzerland as soon as the veil is lifted. The production model is widely expected to make its global debut at the Paris Auto Show in the fall, and Honda has confirmed it will join the sedan and the coupe in showrooms early next year.

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