Honda Sets All-Time Annual US Sales Record

American Honda Motor has reported an all-time record for annual sales in the US for 2015, with total numbers reaching 1,586,551 for Honda and Acura combined.

As of right now, that is an increase of 3.0%, ultimately beating the previous record set in 2007. On top of that, Honda & Acura truck sales also set a new annual record with 9.7% on sales of 770,424.

Honda exec John Mendel said that “What better way to celebrate the “Year of Honda” than with an all-time automobile sales record. We are grateful to our customers who embraced our entire product lineup and are the true power behind the Honda brand.”

Through the end of 2015, Honda maintained its strong momentum with both annual and December all-time records for the second year in a row. The CR-V, Civic and the Accord all finished strong, though it was the CR-V that set a new annual mark – with 3.2% on sales of 345,647.

The Acura division also enjoyed its best sales year since 2007, as both sedans and trucks had strong performances. While the MDX exceeded 50,000 sales for the 4th straight year (continuing to be the best-selling luxury three-row SUV in the US0, the RDX set an all-time sales record, climbing to 13.7% on sales of 51,026 units.

Acura sedan sales went up by 18% in 2015, thanks to the highly successful TLX – with 47,080 vehicles being moved. As for their trucks division, sales exceeded 100,000 units for the second straight year.

“The Acura brand continues on its steady march, now four years strong— with both our sales and brand power gaining increasing momentum with both trucks and sedans,” said Acura VP & GM Jon Ikeda. “Importantly for our future, Acura sedans continue to gain strength – which will be our critical focus in the next phase of our strategic plan.”

Here’s a breakdown of all the numbers, as well as a detailed model sales analysis by division in the gallery below.

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