Honda Says Other F1 Teams Not Interested In Their Engine

While Honda would benefit from having another Formula 1 team use their engines aside from Mclaren, it seems that nobody is willing to take the plunge.

Honda is currently the only F1 engine supplier that doesn’t work with more than one team and according to motorsport boss Yusuke Hasegawa, they’re currently not strong enough to attract other suitors.

“I think from a technical point of view it is good to have a second team, to have more chances to run the engines,” said Hasegawa. “Of course it costs a bit more, and we need to prepare the engineers, but in general I would be happy to have a second team if we have the opportunity. But also at this moment we are not strong enough. There is not any team that wants to have a Honda engine.”

As reported by Autosport, Hasegawa already confirmed that updates to this year’s power unit should arrive “in a couple of races” with improvements to the internal combustion engine.

“We are aiming to have half a second [gain], but I don’t know, I can’t tell if we can achieve that. But we should do that. We need to improve,” added the Honda motorsport exec.

As for next year, the automaker and F1 engine supplier has yet to decide if they should change the unit drastically or simply try to improve the current package.

“So far we are researching many possibilities. Drastic change or a continuous one, we haven’t decided yet which direction we will go. Maybe in August we will have to decide. McLaren has to decide the package.”

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