Honda S660 looks good in S1000 Type R rendering

The first rendering with the recently unveiled Honda S660 is showing the newest Asian roadster in the S100 Type R version.

Ever since the Japanese based automaker Honda has officially pulled the wraps off the production version of the S660, just a few days ago, most question asked were referring to the European version of the model and even if no official answer has been given at this point, reports were indicating that this variant should be called the S1000 and it will be offered with some tweaks made under the hood and some visual modifications on its exterior design.

The new Honda S660 is believed to be named the S1000 once it will reach the Old Continent and this should get it a 1.0 liter turbocharged engine under its hood, instead of the 660cc unit found on its Japanese brother, which should allow it to produce about 126 HP (97 kW), connected to a 6-speed manual transmission which will channel power to the rear-wheel drive. The new Honda S1000 is believed to get a wider and more aggressive body than the S660, something similar to what the rendering posted above is suggesting, and the engine bay should be larger in order to accommodate the 1.0 liter unit. Rumor has it that the Honda S1000, without the Type R moniker, will be introduced sometimes next year. More details on it are limited at this time.

Image Source: X-Tomi Design

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