Honda S660 goes on sale in Japan

Honda S660 goes on sale in Japan image

The newest mid-engined, rear-wheel drive small sports car made by Honda, the S660, has went on sale exclusively on its Japanese domestic market.

The brand new Honda S660 is now available for order on the Japanese market. The announcement has been made by the car manufacturer recently. The small Honda car has a near-perfect weight distribution of 45-55 front-rear and it is coming, at first, in a limited number of “S660 Concept Editions”. The main differences will be the red stitching, the leather touch points and the red roll top. Expect more modifications in the future, which will be made by the Honda tuner Mugen, which will include the front lip spoiler, the rear diffuser, the bigger brakes, the suspension upgrades, the more aggressive fenders, carbon fiber rear wing, 15- / 16-inch wheels and so on.

The Honda S660 is packing a 3-cylinder inline engine under its hood, which is mid-mounted. The unit is turbocharged and it is producing just 64 HP (47 kW) and 104 Nm (77 lb-ft) of torque, enough for a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). The unit will be connected to a standard 6-speed manual transmission or to an optional CVT. The model will be acting as the spiritual successor for the Honda Beat and it stands at 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and 1,180 mm tall. Rumor has it that the S1000, with a 1.0L turbo engine, will be offered outside Japan in the near future, but this still has to be confirmed.

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