Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl Ad Centers on Singing Sheep and Sensibility


We shouldn’t be surprised that Honda went the quirky route in marketing its new Ridgeline pickup. It is, after all, being thrown head-first into a segment filled with likable pickups in the Tacoma and Colorado. Nevertheless, the Ridgeline will be front and center this Sunday with some…special guests.

Specifically sheep—singing sheep. But why are these sheep so adamant about singing? Well, with the Ridgeline’s in-bed stereo system it’s kind of hard not to get a song like that stuck in your head, even if you are a sheep.

Along with the in-bed speaker system, the Ridgeline also gives us our first look at the dual opening tailgate and the large under-bed storage system. All said and done, it’s a good look at a truck that promises to be niftier than some of its competitors.

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