Honda Reportedly Looking to Add Third Mid-Engined Model To Its Range

Take this with a grain of salt, but Honda reportedly wants to fill the gap in its range left between the S660 (or S1000) kei-sports car and the flagship sporty offering, the NSX (pictured). The car the automaker has planned is said to be a kind of S2000 successor but with its engine in the middle.

This would arguably be the most interesting mid-engined model they’d offer because it would be far cheaper than the NSX and more attainable, as well as smaller, but not so small that you’d be forgiven for thinking you wouldn’t need a license to drive one…

If you’re a Honda fan, then I bet this model sounds like heaven to you. However, it won’t be the kind of high-revving Honda you’d expect, as it’s said to use a turbocharged engine and electric motor combo to get a move on.

The story comes from Motoring, which quotes an unnamed insider who said it will combine a 1.0-liter three-pot turbo with electricity offering up a maximum output of around ~220 hp. The petrol engine would power the rear wheels and the electric motor the front ones.

The models it could go up against are Audi’s TT, the BMW Z4, the SLK from Mercedes and Nissan’s 370Z. It’d be a very peculiar sight among these cars, as it’d be a mid-engined hybrid with no direct rivals.

Let’s hope this materializes because it has the makings of a brilliant modern sports car that you will be able to buy without spiraling into debt.

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