Honda recalls HR-V over missing tire-inflation labels

Honda recalls HR-V over missing tire-inflation labels

Honda has already launched a minor recall campaign for the new HR-V.

The “Tire and Loading Information” placards on some vehicles may not have been applied during assembly, making the compact crossovers non-compliant with federal safety regulations.

“If the tire placard is missing the driver or owner may not know at what pressure to inflate the tires, resulting in over or under tire inflation which potentially increases the risk of a tire failure and crash,” Honda cautions, though the company is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue.

The problem was first spotted in April when an HR-V landing at a delivery port in San Diego was found to be missing a tire placard. Another vehicle was spotted in May, prompting an investigation that led to the recall campaign.

Dealers will simply inspect the vehicle and affix the appropriate label.

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