Honda recalls Accord Hybrid to fix electronics glitch

Honda recalls Accord Hybrid to fix electronics glitch

Honda has issued a recall for the 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid to fix an electrical problem.

Electrical interference can cause the hybrid system to switch into a fail-safe limp-home mode, disabling the gasoline engine and limiting vehicle speed to 40 mph. The battery will eventually deplete, typically after approximately two miles, halting progress and increasing the risk of a crash.

The company first received a US-market warranty claim in March. An investigation found that a cell voltage sensor (CVS) had been switched to address reception problems with digital TV broadcasts in Japanese cars. A change to the internal circuit changed the sensor’s tolerance for electrical noise created by the high-voltage electrical battery inverter and motor circuits.

The campaign affects approximately 6,800 units produced from August 22, 2014, through May 30, 2015. Service technicians will update the CVS software to resolve the glitch.

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