Honda Recalls 650,000 Odyssey Minivans & Ridgeline Pickups

Honda is undertaking three recall campaigns in the United States – the largest of which affects over 600,000 of its Odyssey minivans.

Two of the recalls focus on similar issues – namely a latch securing the second row of seating. The larger of the two addresses an outboard latch on some 634,000 Odyssey minivans from the 2011-2016 model years, while the second is limited to just 7,600 units from MY2016.

In both cases, Honda will fit additional springs and brackets to remedy the issue and secure the second row of seats.

Along with the Odyssey, Honda is recalling an additional 9,200 examples of the new 2017 Ridgeline pickup – specifically those equipped with all-wheel drive. The problem here comes down to moisture seeping into a wire harness under the rear bed.

Though both issues pose a safety risk, fortunately Honda reports that no injuries or accidents have resulted from either. Still, the prospect of recalling over 650,000 vehicles can’t go down easy at Honda’s North American headquarters in Torrance, California.

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